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summer of lunch

26 Jul

Two things you need to know about me:

First, lunch might be my favorite meal of the day, especially when you’re asking which meal do I want to eat out, with friends.

And second, although my teaching schedule is ridiculously generous in almost every other way, it makes it hard during the school year to meet people for lunch.

So this summer, I had these grand ambitions: there were a bunch of new, or new-to-me, restaurants and food trucks in town, and I had a bunch of friends I never got to see in this context. I’d invite my friends to lunch, and eat out from mid-May to mid-August.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened that way. Other people, it seems, would rather leave town for vacations instead of hanging around to get lunch. Things come up, people get busy or better offers. And until this last week, I don’t think I went out to lunch even once.

But this past week, I’ve made it out twice, at two new places. It’s true both times were with the same person, but you’ve got to start someplace. And this week? Already two lunch dates planned!

Yay. I’m hoping this trend will continue, at least for another couple weeks before I have to report back to school.