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23 Sep

Another conceit, this time “Make me…. Thy spinning wheel complete.” Taylor goes some length to elucidate the parts of himself, as a rational being, and how God might influence him. The larger question, to me, is what will Edwards as spinning wheel produce. This question is answered, sort of, in the final two lines, where it is suggested that the clothes he makes, and then wears (apparently no longer a loom, but conveniently, a person) will glorify God. I guess the theme would be, God, make me better/ reveal me as one of your elect, so that I might be a sign of your glory.


Meditation 42 (First Series)

23 Sep

Though the verse seems more focused than this– that we will sit with Jesus in Heaven– Taylor writes a little drama into this, of a man who has turned his heart from God, and who must be redeemed by Jesus before he can enter Heaven. The figure here is Jesus as locksmith, opening hearts to find “Love.”

This drama is resolved by line 20 or so, and from there its more or less Jesus dressing up the redeemed soul. Here, the images shift to clothes, and also to living quarters– the final image, of paying “Rent in Happiness,” in interesting, but I’m not sure what to do with it.