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Ed Dorn, Collected Poems, Four Seasons edition, TOC Transcribed

18 May

To go along with my transcription of the table of contents of the other Dorn collection from the 70s, here’s the table of contents for the Four Seasons edition of his Collected Poems.


Collected Poems
Four Seasons, 1975



The Rick of Green Wood
The Hide of My Mother
Are They Dancing
The Air of June Sings
When the Fairies

The Sparrow Sky
3 Farm Poems
The Open Road
The Song (So light no one noticed)
The Top List
The Prisoner of Bellefonte (pa)
Like a Message on Sunday
Our Camp
The Argument Is
A Country Song
Prayers for the People of the World
And Thus
There Was a Change
If It Should Ever Come

The Deer’s Eye the Hunter’s Nose
Wagon Wheels
The Sea Corner, of the Eye
Trail Creek, Aug 11, the Reason of Higher Powers
Home on the Range, February, 1962
Time to Burn
On the Debt My Mother Owed Sears Roebuck
Death While Journeying
Ledyard: The Exhaustion of Sheer Distance
Los Mineros
In the Morning
The Land Below
Hawthorne, End of March, 1962
The Song Is Ended
In My Youth I Was a Tireless Dancer
The Pronouncement
A Too Hopefully Bold Measure
The Encounter
Time Blonde
Unlike Music
Oh Don’t Ask Why
A Fate of Unannounced Years
Hands Up

From Gloucester Out

Song: The Astronauts
The Problems of the Poem for My Daughter, Left Unsolved
A Letter, in the Meantime, Not to be Mailed, Tonight
Inauguration Poem
West of Moab
Idaho Out
Six Views from the Same Window of the Northside Grocery
Daffodil Song
Song (my wife is lovely)
Love Song (for Lucia)
Love Song (for Cathy)
A Vague Love
Another Vague Love
Song (Oh Gods of my disembarked soul this is sad)
A Wild, Blue Yonder
In the Shadow
Song (If the world)
Song (There is a blue sky)
The Explanation
Song (So we somewhat stagger together)
Song (Christ of the sparrows Help me)
Parlor Car Beer
Poem in Five Parts
Song (this afternoon was unholy, the sky)
Dark Ceiling
This March Afternoon
Song: Heat
Song: We Shall Refrain from Them
The Smug Never Silent Guns of the Enemy
Fort Hall Obituary: A Note
Morning Letter, March 19, 1963
Eugene Delacroix Says
Song: Venceremos
The Sense Comes Over Me, and The Waning Light of Man by the 1st National Bank
Song: Ritual Party in the Alley
A Luxurious Jungle in Which
Song: Europa
For the New Union Dead in Alabama

The World Cup Score of 1966

The North Atlantic Turbine
On the Nature of Communications, September 7, 1966
Wait by the Door Awhile Death, There Are Others
A Morning to Remember, or E Pluribus Unum
A Notation on the Evenings of November 17, 1966
An Idle Visitation
Song (Again, I am made the occurrence)
The Sundering U.P. Tracks

The Cosmology of Finding Your Place


The Kultchural Exhange
Heavy Acquisition
Easy’s Best
The Poet Lets His Tongue Hang Down
Executioner, Stay Thy Cold Blade
The Octopus Thinks with Its Arms
The History of Futures
The Stripping of the River

Index of Titles and First Lines


Still to come: a transcription of “The Debt My Mother Owed Seears Roebuck,” which is what started me on this stupid project. And after that, maybe a few reflections. If you’re good.