Kaijumax Apreciation Society

1 Jul

kaijumax1-coverThis is just a short post to say how much I’m enjoying Zander Cannon’s delightfully weird new comic Kaijumax. It’s on, I think, it’s third issue now, but it’s only in the last week that I’ve been able to find copies of it at all. To date, I’ve read issues one and three.

If you’re not familiar with the high concept, it’s Kaiju, giant monsters from Creature Double Feature fame, captured and sent to a SuperMax prison that happens to be a Pacific island. I don’t know what I expected– I think a more lurid and shouty version of _Orange is the New Black_, and I guess there’s some of that in here, given the occasional flashbacks to life off the island and the general melancholy mood of lock up.

But the thing that this reminds me of most is Alan Moore’s Top Ten, where Cannon had a part to play as, if I remember right, the backgrounds artist for Gene Ha. The rendering here is different– much more cartoony (Cannon took leads on SMAX, the Top Ten spin-off, but this more rounded and cartoony than even that), but there’s a level of visual density that recalls Top Ten. They aren’t jokes, exactly, but there’s a sense that every element of this world is planned out and consistent that makes for a really appealing reading experience.

There are jokes, and songs, and all kinds of other business that add to the feel of this book, too. It’s quite a fun read, and one that makes me want to revisit Top Ten and reapportion some of the praise for the success of that book.


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