Ed Dorn, Selected Poems 1978, transcribed TOC

18 May

As much as I like the grottiness of the scans I made of the tables of contents, I think they might, on occasion, be kind of hard to read. They also aren’t ready searchable as text. So, I typed up the list of poems. Here’s the poems you’ll find in the Grey Wolf Selected Poems of 1978.


Edward Dorn, Selected Poems
Grey Fox, 1978


Preface by Robert Creeley

The rick of Green Wood
The Hide of My Mother
Are They Dancing?
The Air of June Sings
A Country Song
Prayers for the People of the World
There Was a Change
If It Should Ever Come
Home on the Range, February 1962
On the debt My Mother Owed Sears Roebuck
Wagon Wheels
Lose Mineros
In My Youth I Was a Tireless Dancer
For Gloucester Out
Idaho Out
Six Views from the Same Window of the Northside Grocery
Song (Christ of the sparrows Help me!)
The Smug Never Silent Guns of the Enemy
Song: Venceremos
For the New Union Dead in Alabama
Nine Songs
On the Nature of Communication, September 7, 1966
Wait by the Door Awhile Death, There Are Others
A Notation on the Evening of November 27, 1966
Executioner, Stay Thy Cold Blade
Song (Again, I am made the occurrence)
The Sundering U.P. Tracks
Think Octopus Thinks with its Arms
The History of Futures
The Stripping of the River
Dress for War
Nana & Victorio
Juh & Geronimo
Shifting an Interference with nature to a Scientific Obstruction
An Opinion on a Matter of Public Safety
Wet Cakes
The Sociology of Games
Del Mar
You’re Supposed to Move Your Head, Not Your Eyes
Palms, Victory, Triumph, Excellence

Index of First Lines and Titles

grey fox 001 grey fox 002


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